Friday, March 11, 2016

photoshoot with myself

I'm still here! Kinda avoiding the computer, because sitting in this chair means that I should be writing my thesis instead of blogging and other stuff. Took some decent shots of myself today and since it's 11pm on Friday night (too late for real work, right?) and I'm super bored, I gave myself a permission to post them now.

 So, last week I placed an order on Nün Bangkok and it arrived yesterday! I really wish this was a collab but unfortunately it isn't, since I love their stuff to bits. I've been planning to order something from them for over a year and now I thought it's finally time. So in these photos I'm wearing the tracker pants and the breaker crop top from Nün Bangkok. Btw, they have now forever free international shipping, so even though the prices are not that friendly for my wallet, at least that helps a bit ;3

110316B 110316C 110316E 110316F 110316A

Did you ever hear about them before? I think I first learned about the brand on or instagram :)