Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Oh, hi there Delirium deluxe box!

I received Ellie Goulding's new album, Delirium, last week and decided to write a bit about it. Sometimes I have made some posts about music, but I'm not sure if people are interested in reading this kind of stuff. Anyway, here goes - and only in English this time 'cause I'm too lazy write the same thing in two languages, sorry.

So first of all, does this happen to any of you guys as well that you just go crazy when there's the normal album, deluxe edition, signed deluxe box etc. available? I was just like "OMG, TAKE MY MONEY!!" and decided to take the signed box... Haven't really regretted it though, 'cause it's so prettyy! I need to frame those photos that came with the box and hang them on my wall...

Well, it's supposed to be all about the music, right? Since I found Ellie Goulding's music over three years ago, I've become such a fangirl - I just love everything about her. (Funny fact, I absolutely loved the song Starry Eyed and listened it a lot, but never really bothered to find more songs at that time. I guess the time wasn't right yet, because when Halcyon came out, that was exactly the right time for me to find Ellie.) When we got closer to release date of Delirium, I was a bit afraid. I was scared I will not like it. The songs released before the album were just too happy compared to Halcyon. After listening the whole album I wasn't sure how to feel. I kinda needed the pain from the music, you know? Halcyon just tears your insides to pieces, but this new album just tries to make you dance.

Many people were disappointed and were asking questions like "Where's the old Ellie?" and "Is she just trying to get more mainstream to earn more money?".

But yeah, things change. The old album was more for people who are sad and lost, the new era is definitely for people who are happy and in love. I totally understand that there's no way a happy person can make a sad album and sound honest. What I heard is that she was really happy while making this album and it has actully been painful for her just to perform the old sad songs. Then it hit me - I'm actually supposed to be happy at the moment, so why would I need sad songs anyway? When I need the sad songs I can always go back to Halcyon or find something else, but maybe now I should give a chance to Delirium to bring happiness?

As a creative person I always need a bit of darkness to find inspiration, but Delirium gives me hope that it is possible to give up the pain.


Just one more thing - if you are about to listen the album, I highly recommend everyone to listen all of the 25 songs (including the deluxe bonus tracks and Target bonus tracks) ! For example Two Years Ago is a good "missing someone" -song if you are in a need of something like that instead of the dancing songs.

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