Monday, April 13, 2015

some strangers are meant to be

np. Say Lou Lou - Angels (Above Me) 

I really have problems deciding what stuff to put here, what to put on videos and what to put on instagram >____<' I don't what to stop posting here either, but I haven't had much inspiration lately. There is a lot of photos, but everything seems so random that I can't figure our how to make consistent post out of them.

The weather has also been so bad that maybe that's also why I lack inspiration. It's so cold (also inside the apartment) and rainy that I just want to stay at home and watch Pretty Little Liars.....

On top of everything, my foot has been hurting for a week, so that + bad weather = I just wanna wear comfortable clothes -> no cool outfits -___-' Okay, we managed to shoot one decent outfit few days ago, so that's what I've got to show you now.

130415B 130415A 130415C
So the shoes and the cardigan are new! The cardigan was already on my last post, but 'cause it's so comfy, I end up wearing it almost every day. The brand is T/gray - the shop is full of only grey, black and white clothes, so I think the style fits me perfectly 'cause I rarely want to wear any colors. Lipstick is a different story though - I really want to buy new bright colors!

I really love my new Vans shoes. I was thinking about buying cheap platform sneakers, but ended up buying these expensive ones instead 'cause I really fell in love with the grey washed up color. I think these can be worn with everything.

Also the ring on my little finger is new - nothing special, but I really want to buy more simple REAL silver rings, 'cause I'm fed up with cheap fake ones that make your fingers green after wearing them just once. Necklace is cheap H&M quality though, 'cause I really wanted to buy something from their Coachella-line, so I bought a pack of 6 cool necklaces. I bought one other item as well, but I would have liked to buy much more items but it's so expensive here! H&M clothes can be even 10€ more expensive here than in Finland... I'm waiting for sales..........


  1. Oii vitsi miten huikeet nuo shortsit ja tennarit! <3 ja no koko paketti kyllä ;)