Wednesday, April 29, 2015

sleepless in Busan

Oh yeah, I have this blog... Time goes so fast! Also there has been few things that have prevented me from posting again. We had this really big issue with our neighbor and now I'm finally in a state to write about it 'cause hopefully the problem is now solved.

It started about a month ago, when this young guy moved next door. My boyfriend saw him in the hallway with his mom, so we assumed he is just a young student who came to study here and is now living alone because his parents live somewhere else. In Korea people might live with their parents until they get married if they don't move to a different city because of school or work..

Well, we soon realized that the guy didn't go to school or work.. At least if he did, that mean he never sleeps, so I guess that's not possible. He started to have parties in his apartment first about 3 times a week, but it got worse all the time. Finally there was a situation where I had not slept properly in 4 nights in a row, 'cause the noise usually started around 1 or 2am and lasted until 6-8am.

We tried complaining to the management and they called the guys mom (who probably pays his rent...) but nothing changed. We asked help from the security guy every time he was there during the night. We even called the police twice, but the guy and his friends didn't care. My boyfriend went to their door and shouted at them - that was the only thing that made them be quiet for a while, but it's always a risk to confront some drunken people like that. Sometimes we were knocking the wall to make them lower their voices, but they were just cursing loudly and talking shit about foreigners.

On this Monday we were really on the edge after those 4 sleepless nights in a row. My boyfriend was about to travel to Japan that day and he was wishing he could go back to Finland 'cause we couldn't do anything else anymore... Then he left and I was feeling really sick and tired and just tried to sleep during the day. Suddenly I got a message from our Korean friend who told me to go to the office downstairs - the guy, his parents and his noisy friends will be there. I looked like shit and my head was hurting and my hands were shaking but I managed to go to he first floor. None of them spoke English, the guys just understood what I said.. It was really long half an hour before the boyfriend of our Korean friend came to rescue me.

The guys tried to lie about Antti starting to make the noise, but I guess they realised that we would not do that because we were the ones who complained about not being able to sleep. Anyway, we signed this agreement which said that both apartments have to be quiet after midnight. I consider this as winning the war, 'cause I have no intention of making any noise after midnight - I go to sleep around 11pm so why would I make any noise to disturb them......

After two silent nights I finally feel like I'm gaining my energy back. I has been hell, I can tell you. In Korea, if you rent an apartment, it's usually for 2 years or something and you have to pay 1000-10 000€ deposit, so that's why they can't really kick out the tenants even though they are disturbing others. Last night I heard the guys come back home around 5.30am and making noise in the hallway, but I was more than happy to realise they were quiet inside the apartment. I guess we won.

So basically I didn't have any energy left for this blog, but as you see, today I ended up writing so much that I guess nobody will read it, haha. Still have to figure out some things about paying bills, because I can tell you, there is so many things not working well in Korea. It doesn't help at all that people don't speak English and I don't understand Korean. I'm more than grateful for my Korean friends who have helped us so much during these past couple of months.

After all this whining, I'm gonna focus on the positive things and share some new photos that remind me of something that makes me smile:

290415A 290415B 290415C 290415D 290415E 290415F 290415G 290415H 290415I 290415J 290415K Oh and about the videos! I have material for at least two videos waiting to be edited, so they will be up at some point when I get my life back on track properly!


  1. voi hitto, uskon että on ollut yhtä tuskaa yrittää nukkua jos jotkut möykkää siellä toisessa asunnossa! toivottavasti saatte kuitenkin asiat kuntoon ja se bilettäminen loppuu.. tosi kivoja kuvia!! :)

    1. Jep! >____< Nyt on onneks ollu jo hiljasta eli voitto kotiin ;D
      Ja kiitos! :)

  2. Koreassa on kyllä aivan järkyttävät takuuvuokrat, mua on aina hirvittäny et ku muutan sinne nii mistä repäsen semmoset rahat! Onneksi saitte naapurin hiljaseksi, eihän tommosta kauaa kestä :/

    Noi feikkitatskat on muuten tosi hauskoja, läiskittiin niitä kämppiksen kanssa viime vappuna vähän joka paikkaan. :'D Ja aws noi koiranpennut :3