Saturday, March 28, 2015

accidents happen

Hello blog, long time no see! These two weeks after the last post have been extremely busy and so much has happened. Last week was actually really bad for me, because there was an accident involving my camera and the ground. It wasn't my fault though, 'cause the zipper of my backpack opened on it's own when I was walking down the hill from school...Anyway, my 50mm lens broke, but now it's fixed. I still need to repair the top settings display from my camera, but I'm gonna wait a while to do that because the cherry blossom season is coming up and I can't be apart from my camera for 2 or 3 days.

Also school has been quite stressful at times, so I'm planning to quit my Korean language course because it's too difficult for me. I could write million things that are wrong with the course and the way of teaching, but I think I should just forget about the course now. I think I feel a lot happier here without the course and I can use the extra time to study with my Korean friends. So no more evening classes, yay!

Oh, should I post some photos? There's not as many photos as I wish there would be and also the videos have been on hold because of the camera accident. Yesterday I shot the apartment introduction video, so it should be up on our channel quite soon. Anyway, now to the photos that have been taken near the Gwangan bridge and Gwangalli beach!

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  1. Kiva kuulla, että sulla menee siellä hyvin, pienistä haavereista huolimatta. :) Korean opiskelu on varmasti tuskallista, en osaa ees kuvitella. Kattelin noita videoita youtubesta ja kivan olonen tuo teiän kämppä, on kyllä hurjat maisemat! Itellä saattais tulla korkeanpaikankammo. :'D Ja oi en malta oottaa kuvia niistä kirsikankukista, ne on musta niin kauniita! <3_<3

    1. Hahaa, joo lopetettiin korean kurssi ja nyt on hyvä boogie kaikin puolin, vaikka keli meinaa olla vähä kylymä atm. Kirsikankukkajuttuja tullee varmaan lissää tännään tai huomenna, kunhan saan itteni taas vauhtiin :'D

  2. wow i love this blog so much
    lucky you, it's nice that you are able to travel the world
    and share your trips and Pictures with us
    lovely <3

    hope you too visit my Blog <3

    1. Omg, thank you so much!!
      This comment really inspires my to update this blog again :')

      Your blog seems really great! <3