Thursday, July 10, 2014

you're the magic in my veins

Yeah, I'm quitting my summer job on 25th of this month 'cause I really don't have enough time for school projects, photography work and hair stuff while I'm working - even if it's only about 5 hours per day. Waking up at 5am really confuses your day rhythm if you need 9 hours of sleep like I do and I can't deal with it. (I should be sleeping right now actually........)

Let's not forget this blog either. I can't wait for next spring, when I can take you all readers to South Korea with me through this blog :'3 I have so many plans, just wait!

Well, same old, same old, busy busy busy and blah blah blah. I guess my brain is a bit stuck, 'cause it just hit me - I'm gonna see the amazing Ellie Goulding again on Sunday ♥

 Ellie Goulding @ Tavastia, Helsinki 2013. Photo by me.

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