Thursday, March 13, 2014

Say Lou Lou @ Tavastia

Oh well, what can I say? The show was definitely worth travelling all the way from Oulu to Helsinki. It's weird, I can't even find the words in Finnish so I'll try to write in English this time.

So first we went to see Say Lou Lou's gig with my friend Kaisa 'cause I won the tickets from Ylex. I can't believe that they sounded even better live! The prize also included a chance to meet the band and I was really nervous, 'cause we were supposed to have some questions for them.

For me their image has seemed quite serious, but in fact they were so funny and adorable when we met them ! I laughed so much. It was really nice to see how down-to-earth they were. Awesome music, awesome people.

Actually I met them again today at the airport ! I was just strolling around and waiting for my boarding time when I spotted their drummer and ofc I had to go to say hi again :'D I was babbling something really stupid and felt a bit embarassed after that .. That's what you get when you sleep only few hours - my English has never been worse than it was this morning :')

Anyway, I suppose I'll never forget this experience and can't wait for Say Lou Lou's new singles and the album, which is going to be released in autumn.

*edit. After I wrote this the band announced that their new single is out and it can be found here!

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